Matt LeBlanc’s First Day Filming ‘Top Gear’ Didn’t Exactly Go To Plan…

You want your first day at a new job to go well, and so we’re really sympathising with Matt LeBlanc right now.

On his first day filming Top Gear, Matt’s car broke down on the way to Blackpool, leaving him stranded (at least until they could get the car going) in Cannock, Staffordshire.

In a challenge posed by David Baddiel, he and fellow host Chris Evans had beenracing to the ‘Las Vegas of Britain’ (Blackpool) in a couple of – apparently fairly unreliable – Reliant Robins.

“Each of you will defend your respective nation’s motoring honour in a series of suitably gruelling and potentially god awful Top Gear challenges. Yep, it’s the USA versus the UK.”

Matt’s car breaking down could have meant a sure-fire win for the UK, but fair is fair, and Chris pulled over as well.

The two presenters spent their unplanned pit-stop taking selfies with fans, before continuing on with the race.

Let’s just hope things run more smoothly for the rest of the series…

Image Credit: The Independent, BBC

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