Sophie Turner Just Dropped A Major ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiler

We’ve all been too busy debating whether or not Jon Snow is alive to think about the other characters, or theorize on who’ll be dying in the upcoming season.

It’s a bloodthirsty show guys – someone will definitely be dying…

Thanks to Sophie Turner, however, we know that it won’t be her character, Sansa Stark. Speaking on the red carpet last night, she told Giuliana Rancic:

“Im like flicking through thinking death, death, death, death. I am alright, I am good for this season.”

So Sansa isn’t for the chop. We’re actually quite pleased; considering that we left her escaping from Winterfell with Theon (sorry – Reek), we imagine that she might be one of the major players in the upcoming season, and it’s good to know she won’t be dying at the end of it.

We’ll just have to wait until April (not long now) to see whowill…

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