Community Post: 13 Signs You Are Chronically Over-Scheduled

1. Some friends are always questioning how you do it.

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2. Your other (non-slacker) friends are just as busy as you and you guys always complain together.

3. Group projects are basically impossible.

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When am I available to meet? Let’s see… I have about 30 minutes free about two weeks from now!

4. You no longer remember how it feels to not be tired.

5. If you don’t bring food with you, you don’t get to eat.

6. You are constantly questioning why you signed up for something.

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I’m working until midnight tonight and again at five in the morning?! What have I done?

7. You are completely stumped when people ask you what you do in your free time.

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My what time?

8. Whenever you run into someone you know you are always in a rush (probably late) to that next meeting/job/class.

9. You get highly annoyed when someone tries to complain about how they are sooooo busy with their ONE thing.

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10. You want to scream at your friends who ask you if you want to do something fun in the middle of the day.

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11. You hate when new things come up.

12. The best feeling ever is when you’re finally done for the day and get to go home.

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13. But when it comes down to it, at the beginning of each day you just look at your calendar like:

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