Community Post: 22 Reasons Logan Lerman Is The Greatest Without Even Trying To Be

1. He plays a demigod in the Percy Jackson series. AKA himself.

20th Century Fox / Via

2. He can rock a beachy wave.

Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that sick flow?



4. He was adorable long before anyone even really noticed.

Why yes, that is him on the far left, playing Mel Gibson’s youngest son, William, in The Patriot.

5. He also played Christian Bale’s son in 3:10 To Yuma.

6. And Jim Carrey’s son in The Number 23. And Renee Zellweger’s son in My One and Only. Basically he’s played a lot of hot son-type characters.

God bless the stork that brought him along.

7. He’s modest.

No, Logan. You’re wonderful.

8. He makes lunchtime a formal affair.

This picture’s makin’ me hungry, if ya know what I mean. (But also that sandwich looks really good.)

9. He looks you in the eyes when he clinks.

Millennium Entertainment

It’s 7 years of bad sex if you don’t, so, well, yeah.

10. He’s got the cutest little smile.

11. And just look at that laugh!

12. He’s heard of the Three Musketeers. So, you know, he’s obviously well-read.

He also played D’Artagnan. But that’s beside the point.

13. He gives the best hugs.

14. He knows how to make the moves.


15. But he can also be a perfect gentleman.

How sweet. Also he is positively killing that side part.

16. He can go scruffy…

17. …Or keep it clean-shaven and classy.

18. Oh, and did we mention he’s Jewish?

That’s my favorite part. L’chaim!

19. He knows how to smize.

Tyra would be proud.

20. And more importantly, he can work the stage.

I mean, WERK it honey.

21. He understands the plight of the world/my life.


22. And he’s basically the greatest young actor to hit the silver screen since ever.

IMHO, that is.

I love you, Logan.

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