When Will You Really Get Married?

Are you destined to always be the bridesmaid, and never the bride?

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  1. Check off anything that applies to you. BE HONEST.
    1. ✓ You would describe yourself as “single.”
    2. ✓ You would describe yourself as “very single.”
    3. ✓ You are currently not dating anyone.
    4. ✓ You are currently not in a relationship.
    5. ✓ You are currently not in a serious relationship.
    6. ✓ You are not married and you have a wedding board on Pinterest.
    7. ✓ You are not married and you have a wedding dress or outfit picked out.
    8. ✓ You are not married and have a dream wedding venue picked out.
    9. ✓ You are not married and have the names of your kids picked out.
    10. ✓ You usually eat alone.
    11. ✓ Luckily, it’s easy to make a grilled cheese or PB&J for one.
    12. ✓ You like to order food in.
    13. ✓ Especially pizza.
    14. ✓ You have ordered in pizza within the last week.
    15. ✓ You have an ex that you still haven’t gotten over.
    16. ✓ You have an ex that you still talk to, even though you know you shouldn’t.
    17. ✓ Some of your friends are engaged.
    18. ✓ Most of your friends are engaged.
    19. ✓ Some of your friends are married.
    20. ✓ Most of your friends are married.
    21. ✓ Some of your friends have kids.
    22. ✓ Most of your friends have kids.
    23. ✓ You hate when your friends post photos on Facebook and Instagram of them and their S.O.
    24. ✓ You hate when your friends post wedding photos on Facebook and Instagram of them and their S.O.
    25. ✓ You hate when your friends post photos of their kids on Facebook and Instagram.
    26. ✓ You still like and favorite these photos, but in a passive-aggressive way.
    27. ✓ You frequently talk about how much you love being single.
    28. ✓ Also, how you’re not ready for a relationship, and how much you love your independence.
    29. ✓ But you don’t really believe yourself when you say these things.
    30. ✓ You’ve felt your “biological clock” tick.
    31. ✓ But really, you’ve told yourself, now is not the time.
    32. ✓ You have a dating app like Tinder on your phone.
    33. ✓ You have a profile on an online dating website.
    34. ✓ But really, neither of those are working out too well for you.
    35. ✓ You’ve had family members, friends, or co-workers offer to set you up with someone.
    36. ✓ You’ve taken them up on that offer.
    37. ✓ It didn’t go well.
    38. ✓ You’re worried about how you are going to meet someone.
    39. ✓ You’re also worried that you will have to settle.
    40. ✓ Or that you will become a Crazy Cat Lady.
    41. ✓ And will have to use the kids’ names you picked out to name your cats.
    42. ✓ You’ve been told that you are too picky.
    43. ✓ Deep down, you know that you are too picky.
    44. ✓ People tell you that “you’ll find The One.”
    45. ✓ Really, that just frustrates you more than it makes you feel better.
    46. ✓ You enjoy eating Ben & Jerry’s by the pint.
    47. ✓ You enjoy wearing sweatpants.
    48. ✓ You enjoy watching “The Notebook.”
    49. ✓ But most of all, you enjoy doing all three at once.
    50. ✓ You’ve used a glass of wine to console you.
    51. ✓ Or maybe it was the whole bottle.
    52. ✓ You really relate to Taylor Swift.
    53. ✓ You might spend more time with your Netflix account than you do with real people.
    54. ✓ You’ve purchased clothes because you thought they would impress someone.
    55. ✓ Really, you maintain a presentable appearance in hopes of landing The One.
    56. ✓ You enjoy reading tabloid magazines.
    57. ✓ Especially the articles about celebrity weddings.
    58. ✓ And ESPECIALLY about a Kardashian wedding.
    59. ✓ You live alone.
    60. ✓ You live alone, and in a city.
    61. ✓ Your mom asks you about your love life.
    62. ✓ She also asks when you are going to find someone.
    63. ✓ And when you’re going to get married.
    64. ✓ And when you’re going to give her some grandkids.
    65. ✓ You wish you had an answer for her, but you don’t even have an answer for yourself.
    66. ✓ That being said, you are pretty dateable, have good looks, and an even better personality.
    67. ✓ So really, you’re worried about finding someone, but also not that worried, but yeah, actually you’re worried.
    68. ✓ You know that it may take some time, but your one true soul mate is out there, waiting to be discovered.
    69. ✓ That’s because you deserve your Happily Ever After, right?
    70. ✓ RIGHT?!?!?!


When Will You Really Get Married?

  1. You’re probably already married, right? You’ve found the perfect someone, and you are living your Happily Ever After together, most likely. There may be some bumps along the way, but the two of you are more than capable of handling them!

    Beyonce Vevo / Via perezhilton.com

  2. You’re probably engaged to be married, right? You’ve searched far and wide for The One, and you finally found them! It wasn’t easy, but if anyone deserves happiness, it’s you. Congrats!

    20th Century Fox / Via perezhilton.com

  3. You’ll be married soon — maybe even within the year! You’ve probably found that special someone, or are pretty close, so it’s only a matter of time before you walk down the aisle. You’ve made the most of your single years, but you are READY to get hitched. Yay!

    Katy Perry Vevo / Via yavalentines.blogspot.com

  4. You’ll get married, and sooner than you think too. It may take a year or two to find your soulmate, but you are a total catch, so you won’t be on the market for long. You may even be surprised by who it is, so keep an open mind. You’ll be hearing wedding bells before you know it.

    CBS / Via danysalternate.tumblr.com

  5. You’ll get married — eventually. It may take a few years as you search for that special someone, but the wait will be well worth it. Besides, you are young. Why should you jump into anything when you can have so much fun?

    Screen Gems / Via tonsofgifs.tumblr.com

  6. You will get married, but it won’t be for a while — like a few years, at least. But that’s totally fine! There’s no need to freak out, or to listen to all those people who are bugging you about when you are going to get hitched. The world is yours, and you have more than enough time to find The One. Enjoy single life while you can, because you’ll be hitched before you know it.

    Selena Gomez Vevo / Via gifsforgomez.tumblr.com

  7. You may get married, but it looks like you’ll be living the single life for a while! And that’s totally cool, because you are more than making the most of it, right? Yeah, you may need to lay off the Netflix and Nutella, but you are ENJOYING singledom. Feel free to put yourself out there and play the field, but never feel like you have to settle.

    Universal Pictures / Via sarascoggins.buzznet.com

  8. You may never get married, and that’s fine! You are well-suited to the single life. You’re motivated, independent, and self-invested. When you are as awesome as you are, who needs a spouse? You just don’t have the time, right? Or at least that’s what you’re telling yourself. Never settle, but also don’t forget The One may be out there.

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  9. You are SO fucking single, and at times, it seems all hope is lost. But The One is out there – PROMISE. You’re a total catch, and you deserve happiness. Just for some reason, it seems like everyone else is finding their special someone, right? But it will just make it that much better when you land your catch.

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