The 13 Worst Everyday Squirt Bottle Disasters

1. Running out of toothpaste and having to roll up the bottle.

Then you just hurt your fingers trying to push the toothpaste out and you curse the world.

2. Squeezing too much toothpaste out and getting the cap all crusty.

You consider wiping it off — one day you’ll change.

3. Gently trying to squeeze out nasal spray…

…which explodes in your nose and you think you may have punctured your brain.

4. Ketchup getting stuck in the bottle…

…and then it suddenly errupts everywhere.

Why, God?

5. Squeezing your lip balm out gently…

…but it shoots out everywhere anyway, so this happens.


6. Lotion drying out in the bottle causing a blockage.

7. Lotion blockage shoots out and you either have to flick it or awkwardly wipe it on your body.

This always feel like a violation.

8. Squeezing the eyedrop bottle diligently…

…and nothing but air comes out right into your widely-opened eyes.

This is when the solution becomes the problem…literally.

9. When your soap bottles are almost empty…

…so you shake them…

…and then everything left comes out all at once.

Is getting a dime-sized amount even possible???

10. Spraying perfume in your eyes rather than on your neck because the nozzle is facing the wrong way. / Via http://Friends

11. When an air bubble bursts in your condiment bottle…

…causing a major condiment spill.

12. When you squeeze the nozzel on your Windex bottle but instead of spraying it just dribbles all over your hands.

Now your hands smell like a hospital : (

13. When glue bursts out of the bottle.

Really though, who thought squirt bottles made things easier?

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