Badass Teacher Responds To Teen’s Harambe Test Answer In Only Acceptable Way

Teachers are getting cooler and cooler every year.When I was in school, you took your test, got your results back and hated your life.

Dont get me wrong, teachers were still cool, but they werent 2016-cool.

They were 90s-cool, which means they occasionally handed out snacks and maybe one day out of the week you werent given a homework assignment.

One science teacher proved exactly how awesome teachers have become over the years when their student answered a test question with Harambe Died For Our Sins.

Best answer ever or what?

This is just as awesome as the time Nicki Minaj name-dropped the great Harambe in one of her songs.

Sorry, CincinnatiZoo, were going to have to accept this glorious joke into our lives.

While this kids answer was awesome, the teacher had an even better follow-up.

The question read,

Spell a word for 4 or more letters with element symbols from the periodic table. Example: neon would be spelled Ne O N. Note: This example will not be considered an acceptable answer!

After the student wrote Harambe Died For Our Sins, the teacher grabbed the notorious red pen and wrote, You win. Dicks out for Harambe.

The teacher obviously asterisked the word dicks, but still, can you think of a better follow-up?!

I cant. Heres the fullphoto of the test.

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