The Presenters Of The New ‘Robot Wars’ Series Have Just Been Announced

If you don’t remember the epic show that was Robot Wars, you need to google those two words straight away, and get ready to sit back in awe at a handsome amount of metal, machinery and mirth.

Yes, I know alliteration just as well as I know my TV shows. So it was all very exciting when it was announced that the programme would be returning to our screens in 2016.

But if you were hoping for Craig Charles to be heading up the presenting team, your little dreams are about to be dashed. Unfortunately, he won’t be joining the show for the remake. But comedian Dara O’Briain and Angela Scanolon will be… that’s almost as good, right.

The beeb have also confirmed that the programme will be shown on BBC 2 and filmed in a new purpose-built arena up in bonny Glasgow.

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Will you be watching?

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