6 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time To Start A New Relationship

Single comrades of this fine world, the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Uggs is finally upon us.

While its true Im going to miss summer, Im also totally ready for fall. Its not just because Ill finally get to wear leggings every day, but also because summer screams, Im single and lovin it! And while thatscool, as the seasons change, so do our attitudes. Right?

Take, for instance, whats happening in the celebrity world post-Labor Day:Kendall and Harry might be getting back together, Calvin Harris has swiftly moved on from Ms. Swift and even Demi Lovatomight have found someone to replace WilmerValderrama.

You should follow in their footsteps and start getting on that relationshipgrind now before all the good optionsget scooped up by winter.

As for little ol me? You can bet Im on the hunt for a new guy one whos in it for the long haul.

Here are all the reasons fall is the perfect time to start a new relationship:

Fall iscuffing season.

For those of you who dont know what cuffing season is, its when the cold weather hits, youre over going out because the darknessmakes you lazy and youre ready to find someone to stay inside and beat the cold with.

The last thing you want to do right now is lace up yourover-the-kneestripper boots that take FOREVER to lace up and hit the club, bar or lounge.Instead, youd much rathercurl up with your Netflix and hot chocolate.

So why not add a guy to that cozy mix? My ex and I did this thing where wed showeach other our favorite shows and force each other to watch at least half of one season of each. If the other partner didnt like the show, he or she could veto it and hop onto another one.

By staying in together, you and your S.O. can develop a level of comfort inside the bedroom that you cant get outside the home.

Its also baking season.

Eh, fall is reallyfood season, in general, if you ask me. When its dark and windy out, theres nothing like baking some warm, gooeytreats for you and your SO and then havinga contest to see who canfall into a sweet-treat comafaster.

Food, IMO, brings partners together; you two can learn endlessly from each other. In fact, its actually proven that couples who cook together have happier and more fulfilling relationships.

I was once in a relationship where my guytaught me how to make dishes from his native country, and I taught him how to make dishes from mine. It was a fun learning experience, soyou shouldnt shy away from wanting to grow with your S.O. in the kitchen this season.

You can steal your boyfriends flannels.

I love me a good, oversized, plaid shirt from my SOs closet. Hemay wear it as a shirt, but you can totally throw it on and wear it as a dress with tights (or bare-legged, if thats your style).Cinch at the waist with a cute belt to really perfect that ~autumn chic~ look.

Although, its not the only thing you can steal from your man. You can pull off one of his vests, a fedora or even a tie (trust me, if you stylea tie correctly, you can really rock it!).

Theres something special about being able to walk around in your boyfriends clothes: It feels like hes with you even when you arent together.

There are so many romantic activities.

Summer is hot and sticky. Its too hot to gallop around holding hands with one person.

But fall? Fall is poetic. Fall is when the trees turn and the branches wither, the same way your desire to stay single does.

Is there anything more romantic than parading around hand in hand while watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground? No, there isnt.

You can gopumpkin andapple pickingto check out the foliage. Or, you can do a taste-testing tour of all the differentalcoholic ciders and seasonal specials at bars and restaurants. Or, if you arent a big drinker, you can hide away from the nippy weather and go see a movie together.

Two Words: Couples costume.

You and your new bae can sync up your Halloween costumes (because really, matching costumes are somuch fun!).

Ive seen couples emulate Kim and Kanye, Helga and Arnold (from Hey Arnold!, duh!) and the ever-so-infamous plug and outlet.

This year, Im hoping to find someone so I can FINALLY fulfill my Halloweendreams of being Jasmine and Aladdin.

Youll be all setforthe holidays.

The holiday season can be a lonely time for single folks. Theres no one to bring home to your parents on Thanksgiving, no one to exchange gifts with on Christmas and no one to kiss on New Years.

Sure, your besties and your mom are always down to hug and kiss you for prolonged periods of time. But its commercials like every kiss begins with Kay! and all the couples kissing in Times Square when the ball drops that make us feel like we should have someone special.

So, snag yourself a new dude (or chick) before it gets too cold to go hunting.

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