People Think Kim Kardashian Staged Her Post-Robbery Ice Cream Photos

Kim Kardashians infamous post-robbery froyo run was probably staged because nothing in this world is sacred.

Its been an odd few weeks for Kim Kardashian.

After surviving an armed robbery in Paris, Kim, who is arguably the most public person in the world, wentunderground.

Shes not tweeting or posting on Instagram, and whileKeeping Up with theKardashians is reportedly filming again, she seems to be hiding from the cameras completely.

Its clear shes going through some deeper stuff, and although this probably isnt the only fix, time away from the spotlight is pretty necessary to her recovery process.

One unintended consequence of this is even the smallest Kim K appearance gets massive buzz, like the time she went out for froyo with best friend and prominent *I dont really know what he does aside from hang onto the Kardashian coattails for dear life* Jonathan Cheban.

The pictures were not great.

Yup, pretty rough. You will never see anyone looking that sad while holding that much froyo ever again.

The internet mourned her pseudo coming out event pretty hard.

What if this was all a staged coming out, though? What if in order to control the news cycleof her first time back in public she picked a safe public location to grab some no-makeup froyo?

According to industry experts, this was probably the case.

Page Six spoke to an inside source reportedly a marketing pro whothinks as candid as the shot seems, it was actually more of a planned point of exposure for Mrs. West.

According to the source,

She doesnt even eat yogurt she is on Atkins. That was a staged photo to portray Kim as likable a shot where she wouldnt be wearing makeup, and not [be plugging] any brands.


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