Irish Dad Goes Viral After Filming Entire Las Vegas Trip In GoPro On Selfie Mode

This chap, Joseph Griffin, was on the trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas when he unwittingly made this footage – turninghim into a viral star. The Irishman had borrowed his son’s GoPro so that he could capture his time in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”, but forgot to ask him how to use it, and accidentallystayed on ‘selfie’ mode the entire time.

Over 1.6 million people have watched the clip on YouTube, which hilariously opens with Joseph saying:

“This is the morning view out of the window facing north, look at that for a view of the mountains, isn’t it stunning?”

All while showing us nothing, but straight up his nose… insightful. Sharing the “An Irishman in Vegas” clip, Joseph’s son Evan wrote:

Is this the most Dad thing of all the Dad things to do?

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