John Kerry Did A Guest Spot On “Cheers” Back In The ’90s

Twenty years ago, John Kerry was one of several Massachusetts politicians to do a cameo on the popular show Cheers — Kerry, Michael Dukakis, and Tip O’Neill all did it at one point.

In this clip from 1992, two men mistake Kerry for a local TV anchorman.

“No, I’m John Kerry. Senator Kerry? From Massachusetts?”

Kerry also appeared in 1993 on a telecast from a pub in Boston the night the show went off the air, hosted by Jay Leno, that Leno later called a “mistake” because it had been ruined by the presence of the entire drunken cast of “Cheers.”

“All those celebrities got there early and started drinking early,” Leno reportedly said at the time. “And with the exception of Sen. (John) Kerry (D-Mass.), everybody was really drunk.”

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