This Photo Just Surpassed Kendall Jenner’s As The Most Liked Instagram Ever

One of Justin Bieber’s Instagram posts just became the most liked post on the app, proving, once and for all, we’re living in a world of Jelena shippers.

In March, Justin engaged in the cathartic, modern-day equivalent of thumbing through a shoebox full of crinkled photos of him and his ex in happier times when he posted a throwback of himand Selena Gomez kissing.

He captioned the photo Feels, and followers went buck.

Selena herself liked the photo and its stock rose even higher.

Now, having amassed over 3.5 million likes, the photo is the most-liked ever in Instagram history, knockingKendall Jenner’s hair-hearts pic off its throne.

Sorry, Kenny. It’s nothing personal, it’s just — the people have spoken and, personally, according to BuzzFeed, they like your photo 7,000 clicks less than Justin’s.

The Insta population iseither obsessed with the love this particular couple once shared or can simply REALLY appreciate lingering heartbreak.

Jelena today. Jelena tomorrow. Jelena forever.

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