6 Increasingly Blurry Pictures Of George Clooney To Help You Get Used To The Idea That Hes Not Always Going To Be Around

Were here to help you face facts.

1. This is George Clooney: actor, director, producer, philanthropist, superstar. But there will come a time when hes not around anymore, and that might not be easy to accept.

2. George Clooneys been a fixture of American entertainment for so long, its natural to feel like hell always be there. If only that were true.

3. There will be a day when you go looking for new pictures of George Clooney, and you wont find any. But that hopefully wont be for a long, long time.

4. Its nothing to be afraid of. Its just the course of things. In a way, its beautiful.

5. Dont worry, George Clooneys not really gone yet. However these pictures make you feel, though, is perfectly okay.

6. For now, let go. Move on. Life is for the living.

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