Do It For The Vine (and Build A Successful Career?)

Twitter’s app of six second looped videos created a new form of self-promotion and celebrity as a “Viner”. Here are some examples of Viners who have used the app to build actual careers and recognition.

1. Used Vine To: Headline Tours And Secure A Movie Deal

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The biggest success story on Vine. An ever expanding and fluctuating group of teen guys have caused absolute frenzies during their meet ups with the traveling group Magcon and at other events like Digifest and Comic Con. These boys can create a ruckus with thousands of girls screaming and crying, many believing they will soon get as big as One Direction with the teen crowd. These Viners include Matt Espinosa, Carter Reynolds, Jack and Jack, and many more.

Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas (two of Vine’s biggest stars, together having more than 11 million followers) announced recently that they signed a deal with Awesomeness TV and they would be making a film together. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they will be big names outside the internet bubble soon.

2. Used Vine To: Film A Comedy Central Movie With A-list Actors

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Jason Nash, a writer and comedian, recently filmed a movie for Comedy Central, based on his web series show “Jason Nash is Married”. The film stars Busy Phillips, Andy Richter, Patton Oswalt and Mary Lynn Rajskub. Jason has almost a million followers on Vine, where he does collaborations with other Viners, like Brandon Calvillo, Robby Ayala, Ry Doon, Klarity, Amanda Cerny, Jerry Purpdrank, and his son Wyatt Nash.

3. Used Vine To: Get a Record Deal

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UsTheDuo, a recently married couple, posts 6 second videos of them covering popular songs. Their popularity on Vine, as well as this viral video of them singing an original at their wedding, led them to become the first Vine artist to ink a record deal, leading the adorable couple, who have gained 3.4 million followers, to sign with Republic Records.

4. Used Vine To: Sing on Reality TV

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Anna Clendening, a teenager with a severe anxiety disorder, was recently “discovered” on America’s Got Talent, with an inspirational story of her overcoming her anxiety with music. However, when the episode aired, she already had a huge following on Vine, with over 1.1 million followers listening to her 6 second covers.

5. Used Vine To: Be a guest on the Ellen Show (and visit the Oscars)

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Vine’s most influential and fearless prankster, Jerome Jarre from France, recently sat down at the Ellen Show to talk about his success on the app. He is best known for pulling pranks on random and unsuspecting strangers. He has done vines with De Niro, Lorde, Ellie Goulding, Aaron Paul, as well as Kristen Bell and Pharrell Williams at the Oscars.

6. Used Vine To: Make the Front Page


Jeffrey Miller, a 13 year old who sings and plays piano, gained attention on national news sites, such as Buzzfeed and Yahoo! News. His half million followers have made some believe he could be the next Justin Bieber (speaking of, the Biebs recently launched his own Vine account and is already collaborating with well known Viners such as KingBach and Destorm Power).

7. Used Vine To: Use celebrity status to gain a bigger audience

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Nickelodeon Stars Jennette McCurdy, Josh Peck and Ariana Grande all use the app and each have over 2 million followers each, staying relevant in an ever changing entertainment industry.

Even the Playboy bunnies use Vine. Crystal Hefner has recruited Viners like Curtis Lepore, Logan Paul and Jerry Purpdrank to do vines with her, the other bunnies and of course, Hugh Hefner himself at the Playboy Mansion.

8. Used Vine To: Sign with a Comedy Network

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Vine’s most followed female (6.4 million!), comedian Brittany Furlan, recently signed with Endemol Network. According to the article on, “Since it launched at the end of last year, Endemol Beyond has received over 250 million views per month.”

9. Used Vine To: Create Fans from Unique Circumstances

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Many Vine stars have something distinctive about them. Nick Santonastasso has almost a million subscribers, thanks to his hilarious pranks in which he dresses like a Zombie and scares others (due to the fact he was born with one arm and no legs, which led him to guest star on The Walking Dead). Meghan McCarthy uses her high pitched voice to do voices of famous characters, like Timmy Turner and Darla from Finding Nemo. Big Nik creates comedic situations and uses self-deprecating humor with his dwarfism and has gained over 1 million followers.

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