21 DIY Ways To Turn Your Life Into “Arrested Development”

1. Super easy but super awesome: dead dove bag.

Well I don’t know what I expected. From Craftster.

2. A lego fortress/staircar build.

Matt De Lanoy built this epic house.

3. Bananas/jumpsuit/denim shorts magnets.

Directions on Popcrafty.

4. Buster-inspired pillow case.

AD lends itself well to cross-stitch. On Craftster.

5. Blue yourself all weekend.

This girl shows you how to paint yourself blue (although she does it via Avatar).

6. Don’t like paint? Use liquid latex.

Here’s where you can get some. It just peels right off when you’re done.

7. Dress up some paper dolls.

You can download Kyle Hilton’s versions, or maybe make your own.

8. Awww.

No tutorial, but still. Aww…from Make: Craft.

9. G.O.B. Segway Mug

Inspiration via Croq Zine.

10. Never-nude embroidery.

For a hoop or a pillow. From Craft Tuts.

12. Famous quotes pillow.

Inspiration from Knotty Gnome.

13. More famous quote embroidery.

On Sweet Adeline Crafts.

14. Valentines/non-season-specific loving cards.

Just don’t use the ones that say “Happy Valentine’s Day”. From Tyler Federer.

15. These.

You know what they are (and if you don’t, get out of here). This recipe from Weelicious.

16. And These.

Not exactly embroidery, more like fabric in an embroidery hoop with paper glued on it. From luckyjackson on Flickr.

17. Your never-nude shorts.

Instructions here.

18. There’s always money in the cat bed.

From Reddit user Freshbroo.

19. Speaking of bananas…

Because you’re maybe sick of your banana mascot browning when you take it to work. From Material Evidence Shop.

20. Paint abs on a tshirt so you can be in the Living Classics pageant.

We have no instructions for this (c’mon internet, what are you doing??), but here’s a “Ripped Abs” tshirt on ebay.

21. Put a stair car on your desk at work.

This one’s on We Are All Angry.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/twopoodles/arrested-development-crafts