Taylor Swift Video Chats Terminally Ill Teen After Seeing Dad’s Viral FB Post

Taylor Swift justmight bethemost popular human being on the face of the planet right now.

We cant stop obsessing over her love life, her chic style, her musicor her infatuation with cats.

Yet, we all seem to have forgottenabout a huge part of T-Swift that is often overlooked: her heart, which is basically made out of fucking GOLD.

The Blank Space singer recently took time out of her chaotic life to FaceTime with Meghan Hils, an 18-year-old from Cincinnati who has been battling chronic health problems and multiple open heart surgeries from a very young age.

When Meghan had the chance to make a wish through the Dream Foundation, her number one request was to speak with Taylor.

The celebdiscovered Meghans request through a heartfelt Facebook post written by her father, Daniel Hils, which explained the 18-year-olds specific wishes alongside emotional Time in a Bottle lyrics.

Although the two believed the wish was unattainable due to the stars megastardom, the Cincinnati cop still wrote,

You can list two possible wishes. Meghan wanted a phone call or a video chat with Taylor Swift, but reasoned that she is so popular currently there would be little if any chance of her being reached. Instead she requested a call or video chat with Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon. Meghan tapes and watches both of their shows each day

After over 2,000 shares, Meghans dreams came true and they didnt involve Ellen or Jimmy Fallon.

Instead, Taylor Swift called and spoke with Meghan for about a half an hour.


Although thephone call was kept private, Meg shared a handwritten thank you post dedicated to Swift.

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