This Kid Talks So Much Like DJ Khaled, He Could Be The Next President

When DJ Khaled beganairing outupliftingmessagesover social media, we knew it was onlya matter of time before he inspired the right mind.

All Def Digital discovered the young man who’s ready to take Khaled’s torch and continue spending his word to the next generation and beyond. Hopefully.

From a young kid’s perspective, much of what DJ Khaled hasto say is actually just common sense. The delivery and timing of the messages, however,is what’smost important.

DJ Khaled isn’t just spewing out some BS.He has crucial daily lessons, and his forward-thinking is what will surely mold the leaders of tomorrow. If not, we’re pretty screwed.

Realistically, thisyoung man could be the next president of the United States, which won’t really affect me, because I’ll be in space by then.

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