Nicolas Cage Agrees To Return Stolen Dinosaur Skull To Mongolian Government

Nicolas Cage: Actor, meme and now returner of stolen dinosaur skulls…

Yes, in some of the weirdest news we’ve ever read, it transpires that a Tyrannosaurus bataar skull that he bought (legally) in 2007, had actually been stolen from Mongolia. The Tyrannosaurus bataar was related to the T Rex and lived over 70 million years ago.

No this is not the plot of Jurassic World 2…

The actor bought the skull at a Beverley Hills art gallery, apparently outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio for the bit of dino bone. But he was contacted in 2014 by Homeland Security, who informed him that they were investigating reports that the skull had been stolen from Mongolia.

Once Cage was informed that the item had been stolen, he returned it straight away – we imagine leaving a massive T Rex hole in not only his heart, but his home furnishings.

US authorities have confirmed that dinosaur bone theft is actually more common than you may think, with three full Tyrannosaurus bataar skeletons being discovered by one attorney alone since 2012.


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