25 Cities in the World with the Most Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are some of the most visible signs of a nation’s progress and many cities are easily identified by their skylines. The Empire State Building of New York, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai, and the Petronas Towers of Malaysia are some of the most renowned in the world. Come follow us as we take you on a tour of the 25 cities in the world with the most skyscrapers and see if you can’t feel the overwhelming sense of architectural accomplishment and national pride.

25. Mumbai, India

Even though Mumbai is not the capital of India, this city has gained so much recognition for being the financial center and the business hub of the country.. It has over 64 skyscrapers with the The Imperial I and II, and Orchids I, II, and III being five of the tallest here.

24. San Francisco, California

Famous for the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is teeming with buildings because of commerce and being a good business location. It has over 68 skyscrapers and the Transamerica Pyramid has been the tallest since 1972, standing 260 meters high.

23. Melbourne, Australia

With Melbourne being the most populous city in all of Australia, it is expected that many of the world’s most famous businesses would set up shop here. Over 69 skyscrapers fill the skyline, where the recently erected Eureka Tower takes center stage at 297 meters in height.

22. Panama City, Panama

Panama City, the capital of Panama has a population of over 880,691 and as expected for such a big city, the area has over 73 skyscrapers, with Donald Trump’s Ocean Club and International Hotel & Tower taking the spotlight at 293 meters.

21. Beijing, China

Also known as Peking, the city’s emerging skyline is reflective of the country’s progress in the financial world. It has 74 buildings that are considered skyscrapers. The China World Trade Center III, the Fortune Plaza Office Building I, and the Park Tower are the standouts with heights of 330, 260, and 250 meters, respectively.

20. Mexico City, Mexico

Recognized as being an “alpha global city”, Mexico City is slowly gaining popularityamong investors and global companies. There are presently 78 skyscrapers within the city but the number is quickly increasing.

19. Houston, Texas

The fourth largest city in the United States has over 6 million residents and not surprisingly 78 skyscrapers.

18. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Home of the world-renowned Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia is considered one of the prized gems of the southeast, thanks to its financial health that is great for pushing business. Like Houston, it has 78 skyscrapers.

17. Miami, Florida

You may be familiar with Miami, Florida for being one of the best destinations in the world when it comes to luxury hotels and excellent beaches, but it’s not all sand there. Being one of the most popular centers of finance, entertainment, commerce, culture, and media it could be very simple to explain why its downtown consists of 1,382 buildings, with 79 of them being amazing skyscrapers.

16. Shenzhen, China

Located just north of the island of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is famed to be the first of China’s Special Economic Zones, being one of the pivot points when it comes to finance, business, production, and other industries. Even though it is home to 80 skyscrapers, it has only been given a sub-provincial status, making it an ironic picture of how prosperity can be attained in such small territories.

15. Busan, South Korea

Being the second biggest city after Seoul, Busan Metropolitan City is quite a busy place, especially when it comes to measuring its activity based on seaports. As the largest port city of the south, it has been recorded to be the fifth busiest in the world, even ranking fifth based on cargo tonnage. With many cargo companies that come and go, it also became a place that is great for logistics, finance, banking, and business processes. It has 88 skyscrapers that outline the incredible skyline of the city, especially at night.

14. Moscow, Russia

The federal city of Moscow is the capital city of Russia, which, according to Forbes, is also home to the highest number of billionaires in the world. Thanks to its huge expanse, it has also been considered a megacity, being a center of the many fields in business and industry. Due to the status of the city, having over 98 skyscrapers is understandable, all of which contribute to the city’s colorful skyline.

13. Sydney, Australia

Owning one of the most colorful and appealing skylines due to its illustrious harbor view, Sydney is home to over 101 skyscrapers, where the majority of them are owned by major players in the financial and banking business. Buildings like the Citigroup Center, Chifley Tower, Deutsche Bank Place, World Tower, and MLC Center keep the skyline lined up in the 228 to 243 meter range.

12. Osaka, Japan

Asthe third largest city in Japan based on population, Osaka plays a very vital role in the country’s overall GDP generation. You will find towers like the Osaka World Trade Center, HERBIS Osaka, and ORC 2000 rising above the skyline, along with 104 other skyscrapers.

11. Guangzhou, China

Another city that is close to both Hong Kong and Shenzhen, still located in the southern section of the Mainland, Guangzhou, the largest city in the Guangdong province, has proven itself to be a financial giant. Its skyline has grown to consist of 111 skyscrapers and 417 high-rise buildings.

10. Seoul, South Korea

Capital of South Korea and known to be the center of Korean Pop and teledramas, Seoul is an overcrowded city that has a population of over 10 million. In spite of the overcrowding, the city was well planned and is home to 120 skyscrapers, some of the more famous one being Three IFC, Tower Palace, and Mok-dong Hyperion.

9. Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital city Bangkok does not only play a role as the center of commerce, trade, and business, but it also fulfills its part as the main transportation gateway that connects every city, town, and province of the Thai nation. Due to this setup, foreigners, locals, and even province people find it easy to access the city, making progress and development quicker. Its skyline is dotted by over 123 skyscrapers, belonging to both local and global companies.

8. Singapore, Singapore

What makes Singapore to be one of the most special countries in the world is its level of financial stability despite its very small territory. Because of its development, many investors have come to establish their business, which made way for the creation of many jobs, even housing many of its residents in high-rise building just to have everything crammed in one place. Currently, there are over 141 skyscrapers coloring the evening sky.

7. Toronto, Canada

Because it has been gaining the attention of people coming from various nations, Toronto is now seen as a city that is very receptive to diversity, making it a perfect place in opening businesses that cater to the international market. It was obvious enough that being the biggest city in Canada could also be a reason to have a skyline that’s worth bragging about. Industries such as banking, insurance, commerce, and tourism have led to 162 skyscrapers in the city.

6. Shanghai, China

On the eastern part of Mainland China, Shanghai is taking its steady pace of being one of the biggest financial powerhouses in the world. The city is actually quite huge, dividing itself into 204 towns and 99 sub-district neighborhoods, sharing the space with over 1,063 buildings found in different sections of the city. It has over 229 skyscrapers, making everything look high-rise.

5. Dubai, Saudi Arabia

No doubt, with the Burj Khalifa standing in the midst of over 240 other skyscrapers in the city of Dubai, UAE has one of the most attractive skylines that you could ever imagine. Diversified in its market focus, companies both from near and far come to take opportunity of expanding their businesses that could target international markets.

4. Chicago, Illinois

The windy city is known for its many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. Its skyline is actually named as one of the most attractive in the world and has over 283 skyscrapers, where Willis, Donald Trump, John Hancock, and AT&T take most of the attention.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, being the Japanese center of commerce, entertainment, education, finance, and even vehicle production, is known to have one of the most crowded skylines in the world and with over 347 skyscrapers and growing, the skyline is getting even more crowded.

2. New York City, New York

Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and even Wall Street made New York City one of the places in the world that has the most number of skyscrapers ever. The 573 high-rise units, along with many other buildings have been created to make way for international companies to be close to one of the most active trading centers ever, the New York Stock Exchange.

1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is famous for being the shopping and tourist destination of nearby Asian countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and even Malaysia. This is because of the abundance of businesses that have established their offices and stores here and with more than 1,300 skyscrapers overlooking the richest business district in China, this makes Hong Kong one of the most crowded cities in the world.

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