The Black List: Lupita Freestyles, "TeenVogue" Challenges Exotic Beauty, And More

Just know that Lupita’s rap name is Troublemaker.

Lupita Nyong’o drops BARS and spits a freestyle under her rap name, “Troublemaker.”

Handle: @lupitanyongo
Platform: Instagram

So Oscar-winning Lupita Nyong’o shows off her hidden rap talent and busts a rhyme in the back seat of her car. Transformed into her alter ego “Troublemaker” with shades on (of course), the MC raps, “Dark chocolate plus I keep a sharp mane. Lancome fresh face, looking tailor-made. Disney on the books so you know I stay paid.” BARRRRRRRRZZZZZZZ! Watch her full freestyle here. TEW CUUUUUUTE!

Instagram: @lupitanyongo

This thought-provoking piece on Teen Vogue delves into the racial context of “exotic” beauty and challenges the idea of exotic being a compliment to someone’s appearance.

Author: Sable Young

Sable Young recalls times when people would say to her comments like, “You really lucked out with your mix,” after learning that she was half-Korean and half-Chinese. Her double eyelid and high nose bridge made her beauty favorable among others, especially among Asians. “Having other Asian-Americans praising features that might imply I’m partially of European descent left me with a warped sense of what beauty really meant or could be,” she writes. “Stereotypical signifiers of ethnic beauty and sexuality … can be conveniently complimented with language that puts certain features on a pedestal while ignoring or even praising the lack of ‘less favorable’ ethnic features (dark skin, broad noses, slanty eyes), the ones that veer further from white on the racial spectrum.” She brilliantly schools us and explains that we can appreciate women’s beauty without racializing it, and doing so broadens the narrative of what beauty is. Read the full story here.

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@CocoaSwatches on the ‘gram shows swatches of new makeup on a variety of skin tones so that you can see how it really looks before buying.

@CocoaSwatches on the 'gram shows swatches of new makeup on a variety of skin tones so that you can see how it really looks before buying.

Handle: @CocoaSwatchtes
Platform: Instagram

CocoaSwatches is an app that lets beauty lovers get the scoop on all the latest beauty products. You can check out makeup swatches on skin tones that are usually underrepresented, and there’s other cool features, like makeup tutorials and a beauty blog. The app’s Instagram account, tho, is a visually satisfying must-follow, showing square after square of lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, and highlight swatches that will send any beauty addict over the moon. Follow here, and download the app here for iOS or here for Android devices.

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